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Financial Literacy for College Students (or soon-to-be college students)5/9/2018

. You may also qualify for financial aid (be sure to know the terms of your grants and loans) or work study, in which you can earn money through a campus job. Contact your university to learn more about your options.

It is also very important to develop a personal budget. Spending money on mandatory expenses--tuition, room and board, school supplies and textbooks, to name a few--and both essential and nonessential personal expenses--groceries, toiletries, clothing, transportation, travel, activities, and entertainment--can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time taking care of these expenses on your own. Making a budget and sticking to it will help you manage your money! If you find yourself having extra money in some areas of your budget and deficits in others, it may be time to reflect on your budget and reallocate the amount you can spend in each.

Don't forget to budget money to save. By saving money, you are essentially paying yourself in the future. When a large or unexpected expense comes up, your future self will really appreciate the sacrifice, however small, you made earlier.

You may also wish to start building credit. One of the best ways to do this is through a student credit card. These cards have lower limits than most credit cards, so you won't be too tempted to overspend. Look into your options and compare the conditions to choose a card that is best for you. Eagle’s Mastercard Credit Builder Card is an excellent option (https://www.eaglecu.org/CreditCards). Be sure to make your payments on time so your credit score doesn't drop.

If you wish to arm yourself with further financial knowledge, take advantage of campus financial aid offices, career centers, alumni centers, workshops, and clubs! Most higher-level education institutions offer several resources to offer advice and help students master their financial behaviors. Extracurricular activities and clubs--including teams, fraternities and sororities, and professional associations--are also great resources of financial support as they often organize programming meetings to assist members and attendees in their personal and professional development.

As always, Eagle is here to support you and provide you with financial knowledge. We are holding a free workshop open to the public on Tuesday, May 22 at 4:30pm at our Foothill Ranch location. Learn all about the basics from applying for FAFSA, and both merit and private scholarships like our own. Register here today: https://www.eaglecu.org/financial-education/workshops?event_id=245

We’re also always available to speak to in our branches or by phone a (800) EAGLE CU. Check out Additionally, Eagle has partnered with BALANCE to provide you with complimentary and confidential financial counseling, resources and education (https://www.eaglecu.org/balance-financial-counseling).

By learning and practicing healthy financial behaviors, you can be sure to better enjoy your college experience.

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Financial Literacy
6/21/2018 4:17 PM Oak Tree B. from Costa Mesa, CA
We think it's important for credit unions to provide financial literacy counseling to members as well as other financial education resources. Great job in providing that!
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