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Loan Protection

LOAN protection 

In addition to competitive financing, Eagle also offers additional products to help protect your loan and your asset. You can add these at anytime to your loan, and finance in the cost - now that's easy, convenient and smart borrowing. Ask us for more details when you are ready to finance your loan with us. 

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Debt protection

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. An unexpected accident, employment termination or the loss of a loved one can cost you and your family a fortune without protection in place. Debt Protection is a voluntary loan-payment protection option that helps provide relief to you in the event a protected life event occurs such as loss of life, disability or involuntary unemployment.

If such an event occurs, debt protection will cancel or reduce repayment of your covered loan debt so you can take comfort in:

  • Lessened worries during a time when your income may be reduced or lost and paying other bills becomes a challenge
  • Protection for your loved ones preventing their responsibility for your loan balance in the event of loss of life

For more information on protection you can’t afford to live without, please don’t hesitate. Contact us and we’ll help you take one step closer toward peace of mind.

In your time of need, our claims process is quick and easy. If you elected payment protection on your loan, you can use this convenient claims process to quickly and easily file your claim for any of the following Payment Protection Products:

  • Life
  • Terminal Illness
  • Accidental Dismemberment
  • Hospitalization
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Loss of Life of a Dependent
  • Disability
  • Involuntary Unemployment

To begin, please fill out a claim form by clicking the link below. To file a claim, you must have purchased a Debt Protection contract from Eagle Community Credit Union.

File a Claim

If you prefer, call (800) 621-6323 to begin the process and a TruStage™ claims specialist will guide you through the process.

TruStage is the marketing name for the TruStage Financial Group, Inc. its subsidiaries and affiliates. © TruStage


mechanical breakdown insurance (mbi)

For just pennies a day, MBI shields you from the high costs of mechanical or electrical repairs on your vehicle once your basic manufacturer’s warranty has expired. In addition, MBI also provides comprehensive roadside assistance, nationwide coverage, and the flexibility to choose a repair facility of your choice. Before you commit to any other program, compare it to our mechanical breakdown protection plans. Price varies by vehicle make, model, year, mileage and vehicle features. Available on vehicle loans only. 

guaranteed asset protection (GAP)

Most cars depreciate by thousands of dollars as soon as they are purchased. Unfortunately, if your vehicle is stolen, accidentally damaged beyond repair, or otherwise declared a total loss, you are still liable to pay the difference, or the "gap" between your insurer's settlement and your loan balance. That gap remains your responsibility and will come out of your pocket. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) helps cover the difference between your primary insurer's settlement and the loan balance on items directly related to the purchase of the vehicle. Our provider, Frost, provides GAP coverage for this potentially high-cost difference. GAP can save you from making loan payments on a vehicle that you no longer have! Gap is offered at a flat rate of $499 for vehicles and motorcycles. Commercial vehicles, Watercraft and RV's are priced higher. Ask us for a quote today. 


iLocate GPS provides a state-of-the-art vehicle security and connected car technology. iLocate not only provides a theft recovery tool but a technology that truly provides peace of mind. iLocate users can know when their teenage driver, loved one or personal vehicle has exceeded a specific speed limit, has entered or exited a specific location (geofence boundary alert) and be alerted when their vehicle is due for maintenance. iLocate is offered at a flat price of $599 on all vehicles only, and this can be financed into your loan. Compare this program with other options out there that only provide the theft recovery priced much higher. Learn more at www.ilocategps.com, or ask us about this product today.


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