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Online Banking

Online Banking

Managing your personal finances has never been easier. With Eagle CU Online Banking*, everything you need to know about your accounts is right in front of you. 

Get secure, up-to-the-minute account and transaction information, plus the following:

  • Pay your bills online for FREE with Bill Pay
  • Make timely loan payments
  • Open new accounts
  • Apply for loans online
  • View and print cleared check images on demand
  • Transfer funds between your accounts or externally
  • View pending transactions
  • View and save documents
  • Place a stop payment
  • Request a check withdrawal from your account
  • Change certificate maturity disbursement options
  • Get eAlert notifications for the account conditions you specify
  • Change contact information


There are two ways to sign up for Online Banking:

  1. If the primary account holder has a MasterCard® Enhanced Debit Card or ATM Card, you can use that card's number and PIN to sign up. Simply click here and follow the instructions.
  2. Call the Member Service Center at (949) 588-9400 or (800) EAGLE CU (324-5328).

Once you have signed up, you can log into Online Banking from any page on Eagle CU's site.

Disclosure of Funds Availability Policy. *Read our Electronic Services Disclosure and Agreement


In light of the recent data breaches in the news, it is a good time to review some important ways to ensure your account information is secure.

Important Reminders:

  1. Make sure the computer you are using to log into Online Banking has an antivirus or malware protection program installed, and also updated regularly. Just having the program isn't enough, make sure you are running the scan often to ensure your computer is protected and not at risk.
  2. Update and change your passwords regularly. Having the same password for too long, or for everything, is not a good idea.
  3. Make sure to update personal information when needed like emails, addresses, and phone numbers. When a transaction is questionable we often will call or email you to validate it. Be sure we can reach you promptly.
  4. Within Online Banking in the upper right side when logged in you can view your last login and current email address. Make sure this information is accurate, and if you question it, contact us immediately.
  5. Never write down, share, or leave your passwords out in the open. Keep them protected.

Eagle Online Banking also employs Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is an additional level of authentication that identifies you as the owner of your account(s) and helps prevent identity theft and fraud when using Online Banking and Bill Pay.

How does MFA work?

  1. When you are prompted to create a unique password for access to Online Banking, follow the password criteria displayed on the page. Secure passwords may include letters, numbers and special characters including `!"#$%&+,/;?[]^_`{|} 
  2. Choose your security questions. The first time you log in to your Online Banking account, our system will direct you to a page that will ask you to answer five security questions.
  3. Confirming your identity. After you choose your security questions, each time you log in to Online Banking, our system will monitor a set of parameters to confirm your identity.
  4. Challenging your identity. If our Online Banking system cannot confirm your identity, it will challenge you by asking you the security questions you chose. You will have three (3) chances to answer one of the questions correctly. Once you answer one of the questions correctly, you will be directed to your Online Banking account. If you fail to correctly answer one of the three (3) questions, the system will lock your account.
  5. Unlocking your account. We provide you with two ways to unlock your account:
    1. If you have an Eagle MasterCard® Enhanced Debit Card or ATM Card, click on the "Forgot Your Password" link on the home page and follow the simple instructions.
    2. Call the Member Service Center at (949) 588-9400 or (800) EAGLE CU.
For more information or if you require additional assistance, please call our Member Service Center at (949) 588-9400 or (800) EAGLE CU (324-5328) or email a member service representative at
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